Wood harvesting

Self reliance: Wood stand for chainsawing

In the video, you will see Tom sawing through several smaller logs at once. The stand provides a secure hold and ensures a safer process. A close-up of the stand is shown at the end of the video, if you do not wish to sit through too much chainsawing noise…

In the past Tom has had to saw smaller logs by balancing them on some other logs on the ground, with a large number of associated hazards. In 2012  he decided to make things easier for himself by making a wood stand from an old pallet and second hand roofing screws, which can hold multiple logs and ensures safe and easy sawing. He got the idea for the wood stand from an old article on permaculturenews.org .

©2012 Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast – Self reliance: chainsawing stand.

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