One day a week for resting

A weekly rest day

A weekly rest day

Relax & unwind
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When we mentioned to one of our interns that there is no work to be done on a Saturday on our property, she was amazed. She proceeded to say that she never had a day when she just did not do anything. She was always busy. In this incredibly busy world of today, it is extremely important to give yourself one day a week, where you just relax. To re-energise yourself and your bond with your family and to revitalise for the week ahead.

The amount of people today who are stressed in today’s world is incredible. Nervous breakdowns and numerous illnesses can all be attributed to stress. Even when you are gardening, and living a permaculture lifestyle, there can still be an element of stress involved. For everyone’s health and wellbeing it is extremely important to have one day in the week that is free, that means no commitments, appointments, things to “have to” do or work. On that day you can just spend time with your family, read a book, have an afternoon (or morning) nap and totally revitalise.

A lot of people will now say that that would be impossible, that they always have things to do. However, if you really want to, you can make it happen. You will soon notice a feeling of wellbeing and energy that wasn’t there before.

When we first bought our property, we had to ensure that Tom would take time out, otherwise he would just keep going. We break for meals and morning tea every day and we instated Saturday as a rest day. And we really make it a rest day. We have a nice breakfast together, we read in the sun, we snooze, we watch a movie and just relax at home together. We do not check our email, work in the garden or do any other jobs, apart from feeding the animals and watering seedlings (jobs that can’t NOT be done). But that all gets done first thing in the morning: Tom feeds the animals and waters the seedlings, I make breakfast and feed the dogs and our son does the dishes. That is it for our work for the day, until the sun goes down. It is a lovely bonding time and allows us all to regenerate. We found that once we made one day a week our day of rest, our bodies start to get used to that rhythm and actually shut down for the day. Even though we normally have lots of energy every day, during our day of rest we feel the need to sleep or rest.

Relax outdoor or in, read a book, do not “have to” do anything…
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When you work hard and are busy 6 days per week, it is really important to have that break. Re-energise, revitalise, charge up and be ready for the coming week! Make the effort to instate a day of rest, you will soon feel the benefits!

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