Superfood Pudding

Superfood Pudding

Superfood Pudding

Superfood Pudding
Superfood pudding with whipped raw cream

We do get an absolute abundance of bananas from our trees. Sometimes I use them to make one of our favourite breakfasts: Superfood pudding!  

In my wonderful Vitamix blender (best blender around, highly recommended!!) I put  around 12 bananas (to feed 4 – 5 people), pretty much until the blender is quite full of bananas to the top. Then I add 2 handfuls of Goji berries, some chia seed (say around 3 Tbs), a small handful of  cacao nibs, some cashews or bunya nuts (around 2 handfuls), a few Tbs of shredded coconut, a handful of chia seed, some strawberries and some honey or other sweetener to taste. It does not need much sweetening, since the bananas are so sweet already.

I fill the blender jar with water to the max amount and blend the ingredients. It may be a bit heavy on the blender, please ensure your mix is able to draw down, with the help of a stirrer implement suitable to the blender or by adding a little extra water.

The mix is very thick, which it is meant to be. Pour the mix into individual bowls and serve immediately, alternatively put into fridge overnight to set firm. Add some whipped raw cream and there is your beautiful healthy brekky!

At the moment we do not grow our own Goji berries yet, but we have a Goji bush growing in our garden and are hoping to get some fruit from that soon. It has flowered already, so fingers crossed! This recipe lends itself to lots of improvisation, so add whatever yummies you would like to add. Cacao nibs and coconut is not essential, so if you do not have any of those, do not worry, it will still work with the other ingredients. We are currently growing some chia on the property, but we haven’t harvested any yet. We hope to harvest some soon to use in our breakfast!

The simple version for this recipe is just bananas, strawberries, goji berries and cashews/bunya nuts. The cashews and goji berries seem to congeal the mix, especially when left in the fridge overnight. I hope you enjoy!

©2012 Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast – Superfood pudding, alternative healthy breakfast!

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