Homemade sausage spice mixes, self reliance

Sausage spice mixes

Sausage spice mixes

Sausages may contain gluten via fillers or bin...
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We make our spice mixes without adding fillers like flour. This makes the sausage pure meat with flavour added. People can have digestive issues combining carbohydrates and protein, hence we did not add any flour. It does mean that you get less sausages than you would if flour is added, because that bulks it up. But we really enjoy our sausages and do not miss the added flour at all! These amounts are to mix into 10 kilos of mince for sausage making. 

Plain (pepper and salt):

Celtic sea salt: 120gr, Black pepper: 40gr


Curry Powder: 100gr, Celtic sea salt: 120gr

Sweet Chilli:

Rapadura Sugar: 300gr, Chilli (Cayenne) powder: 20gr, Celtic sea salt: 120gr


Dried and powdered Rosemary: 50gr, mint leaves, dried and powdered: 30gr, Rapadura sugar: 300gr, Celtic sea salt: 120gr

I also made a Tomato and Onion mix from 5 Spring onions, 3 jars of sundried tomatoes and 2 small tubs of tomato paste. This was blended into a smooth consistency and added to the mince. The butcher added some water to the mixes before he put it through the sausage maker to make the mix a bit more manageable.

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