Vitamin C booster from our permaculture garden.

Vitamin C booster

Vitamin C booster

A citrus green smoothie: a wonderful vitamin C boost to counter the winter colds…

Winter always brings out the runny noses and colds. Citrus and greens, which are in season in winter, provide a wonderful boost of vitamin c, especially together.

For this smoothie I used Silverbeet, Kale, Comfrey, Herb Robert and Dandelion. The majority was Silverbeet and Kale, the others are herbs, so see which ones you pick and use. In our subtropical climate we have a lot of greens growing in winter, so we can be picky. Chinese greens are also great to use, although a bit stronger tasting than the Kale and Silverbeet.

After filling my Vitamix blender almost to the brim with greens, I squeezed around 5 oranges and 6 or 7 mandarins and filled the spaces with their juice. I blended it on pulse a few times, and the flavour was beautifully sweet and citrussy. Great to have at any time of the day! Enjoy having your greens in great quantities without having to eat a huge big bowl full!

©2012 Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast – Green smoothie out of the permaculture garden.

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