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Upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate course on the 19th August

Upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate course on the 19th August

Turning the 18 day hot compost during the PDC course

Our next PDC is coming up, starting on Sunday 19 August and finishing on Friday 31 August. We are very excited about the changes we will have made to our property by then, to increase the comfort of our students.

Changes include a larger teaching space, a larger and better equipped kitchen where students’ meals will be prepared by a permaculture chef we have taken in hand for lunches and dinners (I will be doing breakfasts myself), and more types of accommodation available for the comfort of our students. Students can still camp in their own tent, but we are making 2 cabins and backpacker style bus accommodation available at an extra charge if students wish to sleep in a bed with a solid roof over their heads.

The course is still the same exciting 72 hour course, plus Tom will show students around the property to view practical examples and students will also be made responsible for some of their own comforts, like a hot shower (they have to light and stoke the fire which heats the water). Other general housekeeping duties are also shown to the students, and they will be responsible for keeping communal spaces clean and tidy. Again this shows them to take responsibility for their own environment and comforts, which we feel is a very important aspect of the course (and of life in general!).

There are currently still places available in the course, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to book into this life changing experience! Read some comments from our past students here.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

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