Permaculture Recipe: Beef and Veg Hotpot

Permaculture Recipe: Beef and Veg Hotpot

Steaming hot from the pot!!

Winter is a great time of year for hotpots; one pot stews with meat and vegies, spiced with a bit of pepper and salt!

For this particular hotpot I used 500gr chopped up homegrown beef (you can use any cut, since it is cooked for quite some time it will become soft anyway), 4 large carrots, 8 medium potatoes, one broccoli (all vegies cut into blocks/pieces) and some chopped up green leafy vegetables of your choice.

In a large pot (or your inner eco pot), melt some coconut oil or ghee. Add the beef and stir until browned on all sides. Add the chopped up vegies, 1Tbs seasalt and 1/2Tbs black pepper and pour the contents of a can of coconut cream over the top. Put the lid on and bring to a boil. Boil for around 10 minutes, then put on low heat and let simmer. This sort of dish lends itself perfectly to be put into an ecopot or similar device; an insulated pot which will continue cooking your hotpot for you. Or leave it sitting on the woodstove for the day or half the day, depending on when your main meal is… I cook our lunches in the morning, our main meal is lunch time.

The Ecopot we use for our hotpots. We will also use this for some of our students’ meals.

Eco pots are a great thing, they do not use electricity and are so well insulated that you can put your hotpot in there and it keeps cooking it for upto 8 hours! Very handy, especially when you need to go out and would like to take a hot meal with you, or if you do not have time to cook or re-heat a meal at dinner or lunch time…

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