Unexpected extra-curricular activities at the PDC course

Unexpected extra-curricular activities at the PDC course

Some of our PDC students leading the donkey towards safer pastures…

Some of our PDC students were very happy to be asked to help get a donkey off the main road by our neighbour. It became a little adventure that was subject of many talks around the lunch and dinner table! 

Our neighbour came over before breakfast the other day, he had been on his way to work and had found a donkey on the main road. To lead the poor donkey to safety, he needed assistance of some able bodied people. 4 Of our students jumped at the chance and on the back of the ute, to get the donkey off the main road and into safer pastures.

The donkey in the neighbours paddock, the rope was removed after photo was taken, so he could roam free!

They caught the donkey and led him (or did the donkey lead them???) to our neighbour’s yard, where he could safely stay until his owner was found. They all had a great time trying to get the donkey to go where they wanted him to and discovered a few times the stubborn-ness donkeys are famous for.

The donkey ended up in our neighbour’s paddock. We ended up finding the owner (through Facebook!!) not far away, and discovered the donkey’s name: Stardust! Our neighbour will have the donkey as a companion for his donkey for a little while, since they are companion animals and do get lonely on their own. Which is great news for one of the students, who seems to have formed a bond with Stardust…. A shame the course is almost over and they have to part ways soon…

Stardust and newfound friend Mo

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