Getting prepared for the upcoming Earthworks Course

Getting prepared for the upcoming Earthworks Course

Removing trees to prepare for the Earthworks course, and testing the soil

As part of the Earthworks course which runs from Monday 24 to Friday 28 September, we are preparing the area for a dam. Students will learn how to determine a site for a dam and how to plan interconnecting dams and swales, how to survey the land in order to allocate dams and swales in the correct locations and will then be involved in the digging of the dam and the planting out of the dam with appropriate species in order to prevent erosion. 

To get ready for the course, we have had to remove some trees from the area in front of the house where the dam will be. That location has been chosen so that future students can enjoy the dam as a swimming hole on hot days. It has been a long preparation period, taking up most of last week. Through soil testing in that location, we unfortunately discovered that the ground is not very conducive to water holding due to large amounts of shale and rock. So this will be a great learning tool, since we will have to put measures in place to enable the dam to hold water, which will also be shown during the course.

Temporarily relocated citrus trees, enjoying some protection from established bananas

We have had to remove some trees and temporarily relocate others, so they can be planted around the dam once it has been dug. 2 beautiful Frangipani trees and several citrus trees and a cactus have all been given temporary homes for a few weeks.

If you are keen to learn and experience how a dam is dug from design to erosion control, from how to ensure water holding capability to interconnecting dams through a swale network, there are still places available in the course. Please call us on (07) 5485 4664 or email us at info [at] (replace [at] with @ in the email). We look forward to seeing you then!

The temporary home for the Frangipani, in a protected area where they will be regularly watered to ensure their survival

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