Sustainable Soil Management

Sustainable Soil Management

Spraying Pro-biotic in the vegie garden

We had a wonderful week here at PRI Sunshine Coast, with Paul Taylor joining us on the property and teaching everyone about Sustainable Soil Management. 360 Litres of Bio Fertiliser, 160 Litres of pro-biotic (compost tea) and  2 1/2 cubic metres of compost was made, and tonnes of information was gleaned from the brain of this amazing teacher. 

Like baking a cake: compost building

Paul showed everyone his 1 (compost), 2 (pro-biotic), 3 (bio-fertiliser) step program that  has shown to have tremendous benefits to depleted soil everywhere. It restores the bacterial activity in the soil, much like yoghurt and other cultured foods do in our stomachs.

Watering the compost
Covered compost heap
Burning bone for the pro-biotic and bio-fertiliser
Bubbling pro-biotic
Second bone burning
Filling the tank with bio-fertiliser, to spray in the garden (see top pic)

Students were from various backgrounds, from commercial farmers to Permaculturalists, and everyone felt they benefited a lot from the course. We are keen to make more bio-fertiliser and give our soil a real boost! We aim to run this course 3 times next year, dates yet to be determined. If you are interested in doing this course, you can contact us now to put your name down!

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