Naughty but nice gluten free double chocolate cake

Naughty but nice gluten free double chocolate cake

Double choc cake with creammmmmm….

It was the last day of the Sustainable Soil Management course, and I thought we might have a farewell morning tea. I made a gluten free double chocolate cake with whipped cream… 

My gluten free flour consists of 1/3 brown rice flour, 1/3 buckwheat flour and 1/3 quinoa flour. This seems to make a nice consistency, not crumbly at all, it binds well and tastes good too! All the flours are organic and bought in bulk directly from Demeter mills by our local community buying group. Then I make up my own mix to use in all my baking. Grains are not easily grown on a small farm in large enough quantities to use, especially when catering for larger groups. Buying in bulk directly from organic mills, or buying locally (organic if possible) is the next best thing…

I used 3 cups of gluten free flour mix and combined it with 1 cup of organic rapadura sugar and 1 Tbs baking powder (both also from Demeter mills). I then melted a bar of 70% strength bitter chocolate in a pan held in a pan with boiling water. I scooped the melted chocolate and 125 grams of melted butter into the flour and started mixing. I added water to the mix until it was airy and easily turned, but not too soggy. Then I added white chocolate chips to the mix and stirred them in. I put the mix in a greased square oven dish and in the oven at 180 degrees C for about 20 minutes to half an hour, until springy in the middle. Then I pulled it out and let it cool for about 45 minutes, it was still slightly warm when we had it for our morning tea.

Naughty but very nice….

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