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Biogas project: Building a Methane Gas Bio Digester

Biogas project: Building a Methane Gas Bio Digester


In 2013 we are undertaking a Biogas project and will be building a Methane Gas Bio Digester as part of our building courses, which can be attended as individual courses or as a series during the year.

A bio-digester is an anaerobic system which creates energy from waste products. In this case the system will be designed to create methane gas (Biogas) for cooking and other energy purposes, by feeding pressured methane gas from a chamber holding manure. A bio-digester system can be implemented in farms but also in urban situations, and one can use other waste to create the methane gas as well.

Methane gas bio digesters are becoming more common in developing countries, but are fairly rare in developed countries like Australia. Don’t miss out on being part of constructing this amazing system, teaching you how to become more self reliant with your energy needs!


First course (18 – 22  March): Planning and design of the Methane Gas Bio Digester and putting in footings

Second course (27 – 31 May): Finishing the brick walls, and making the dome roof, building the inlet and outlet

Third course (19 – 23 August): Finishing off the building and connecting the outlets, testing connections

For more information see our Biogas articleBiogas project update March 2013 and Biogas project update May 2013.

This course is a specialist course and is part of the Permaculture Life Skills Internship but can be attended as a separate course.

Course teacher: Tom Kendall

Course cost: $795, inc. camping (byo tent) and all meals for 5 days, or included in the Permaculture Life Skills Internship fee.

Please email us on info (at) for more information or to book for this course.

Limited cabin and caravan accommodation available at extra cost.

BOOK ONLINE for Building a Methane Gas Bio-Digester week 3 course 26 – 30 August 2013:
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