Sustainable Soil Management

Sustainable Soil Management

Teaching at the nursery site making soil pro-biotic with aeration, and  also how to make products at home using low tech systems.
Teaching at the nursery site making soil pro-biotic with aeration, and also how to make products at home using low tech systems.

Paul Taylor was raised on an organic farm and has been working with sustainable soil management for more than 30 years. Paul demystifies the complex sciences of soil microbiology and plant nutrition to bring you a cutting edge system of sustainable soil management.
In this workshop, we redefine sustainable agriculture as ‘the ability to improve production while we reduce cost and improve soil fertility’. Learn this 3-part system as the path forward to improving your productive soils.

1. Specialist composting made easy: Trust Nature’s Bio-vital™ system
2. Making soil pro-biotic – soil microbiology made simple
3. Making cost effective Bio-Fertilisers: COAS principles from Eugenio Gras and much more.

1-2-3- Grow!
Learn how to combine these 3 cost effective methodologies, to reduce costs and achieve sustainable soil management.

In this 5-day course we take the mystery out of soil microbiology, plant nutrition and ‘organics’ and learn how to combine methods to improve soil fertility, reduce input costs and improve production. These management principles apply to the backyard garden as well as the broad acre farm.

Sustainable Soil Management means that we depend on natural processes to improve production while we build soil fertility and reduce cost. We believe that the principles of sustainable soil management is the path forward for giving agriculture the tools needed to rebuild degraded soils.
This course is a specialist course and is part of the Permaculture Life Skills Internship but can be attended as a separate course.

Course teacher: Paul Taylor

Course cost: $795, inc. camping (byo tent) and all meals for 5 days, or included in the Permaculture Life Skills Internship fee.

Student Feedback:

“Every PDC student needs this information. Once the soil is cranking the rest will fall into place. Absolutely loved the course & can’t wait to get started on 1, 2, 3.”
“There is nowhere where a mugs guide to compost tea is offered, it is fantastic!”
“The information acquired was incredibly empowering to help us transform our soils from degradation to health. Paul’s hands on approach gave the information the 3rd dimension that made the difference of other similar courses. Knowing there is someone to hold your hand gives one the confidence to have a go!”

Please email us on info (at) for more information or to book for this course.

Limited cabin and caravan accommodation available at extra cost.

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