A place of food…

A number of years ago, when we first came onto this property, we named the property “SOULS”. It was short for Sustainable Organic Utopian Living Space. Unfortunately we found that a lot of people associated the name “SOULS” with a spiritual meaning. Since we would like to be accessible to everyone, we have now renamed the property. 

After some research and conversations with Australian Aboriginals, it was suggested we use the name: “Maungaraeeda”. This spelling is the traditional Aboriginal spelling. It can also be spelled “Mungarida” or “Mungrida”, but we really like the traditional spelling. The meaning of the word is “Place of Food”.

Since that is which is being created here, a Place of Food, we found the name very fitting. So if you see reference to “Maungaraeeda” in the future on this site, no we haven’t moved, we have just renamed the property.

Maungaraeeda Updates:

Maungaraeeda update May 2013

For the property’s page on permaculture global, please go here.

Harvest bounty
Harvest bounty

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