Maungaraeeda Permaculture Demonstration site: property update

With Tom away teaching a PDC in Vanuatu, lots of jobs are being industriously done by our wwoofers and volunteers. We have made a rocket stove for the chill space to be warm in winter, the food forest had a small “chop and drop” done, and twice a week we make cream. We get around 2 litres of cream a week, one litre we make butter with, the other litre we enjoy with various yummy dishes! I have taken some pictures to show some of the jobs done here on site, and also how lovely everything is starting to look this time of year, with the winter flush starting! 

Dani and Brad separating the cream

Dani and Brad separate cream twice a week, getting 1 litre of cream each time, giving us butter and cream for yummy things…

Harvesting in the Permaculture garden

Julie harvesting lettuce in our Permaculture garden

Mandarine tree in our Permaculture garden

Our mandarine tree laden with mandarines, will ripen in the next few months, ready to fight off winter colds

Kitchen garden in winter flush

Winter flush is coming into our kitchen garden!

Mulched bed with tropical apple tree

Freshly mulched bed with licorice and one of our tropical apple trees.

Future row vegie patch, currently chook pen

Our volunteers and wwoofers weeded the swale to open up the fence surrounding the chook pen. The chook pen will become row vegie patches in the next few weeks.

Chook pen to become permaculture vegie garden

The garden chook pen from the other side, soon to become vegie garden.

chop and drop food forest

Mild chop and drop done in the food forest

Permaculture food forest

More food forest, it is looking wonderful in there!

Grapefruit tree in the permaculture food forest

Large grapefruits in the food forest, they will ripen in the next few months

Rocket stove heater, to be cobbed in the near future

The student and volunteer chill space now has a rocket stove heater, which will be cobbed in the near future

©2013 Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast – Maungaraeeda Permaculture Demonstration site property update May 2013

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