Finished bench seat and outhouse doors

The compost toilet outhouse

The compost toilet outhouse

We had several Nature Loo composting toilets around the property, which we either purchased second hand or were given. One toilet is at the teaching space and the other at the student “chill” space. We had to walk to either location from the house to go to the toilet. Last month Tom and one of the interns built us our outhouse, overlooking the Permaculture kitchen garden! 

The frame for the outhouse at the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast
The frame for the outhouse

Tom concreted 4 steel posts into the ground (we have termites in this area, so everything must be built with that in mind…), and proceeded to build the frame on top with second hand timber, salvaged from various demolished places. The roof is some second hand iron he still had on hand as part of his resource gathering. He also still had a suitable window, so he built the frame with that window in mind.

Our intern, Winston, spend quite some time on sanding the second hand timber weatherboards, which were then nailed to the frame. Inside, timber boards were used to build the bench seat. We actually bought a Nature Loo compost bin and chute for the toilet this time, which Tom installed under the bench seat. Two old second hand doors were used for the outhouse, with a simple latch system on both sides of the door, plus one to keep one of the doors shut and attached to the floor.

Weather boards being sanded back by Winston
Second hand weather boards sanded back by Winston, our intern
The outhouse weather boards are nailed into place
Winston nailing the weatherboards into place on the outhouse
The outhouse toilet bench seat in progress
The bench seat for the toilet being built inside the outhouse
Finished bench seat and outhouse doors
The bench seat is finished and the doors attached
Finished bench seat of the outhouse up close
The beautiful bench seat with sanded timber
Building the steps to the outhouse
Tom building the steps to the outhouse

Floors and seat were sanded down and a hole was cut into the seat. Some steps had to be made to get to the door, so the ground was leveled and the steps were built.

The bench seat will now be sealed with a natural bathroom sealant, to prevent moisture damaging the seat timber or mould to set in. We will also paint the weatherboards to protect them from the elements. The outhouse has been tried out by our family, to great satisfaction!

Hole in the compost toilet bench seat
The hole in the seat was cut and sanded. The chute under leads into the Nature Loo compost bucket.
Tom walking up the steps to enter the compost toilet outhouse
Tom using the steps to enter our compost toilet outhouse
Nature Loos compost toilet bucket and chute
The Nature Loo compost toilet waste chute and bucket under the outhouse, accessible from the back.


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