Banana, arrowroot and coconut cake

This lovely moist cake is gluten, dairy and sugar free. Bananas and dried figs are the only sweeteners needed! 

Put the following into a heavy duty blender, like the vitamix:

5 – 6 bulbs of fresh arrowroot (can be replaced by 1 1/2 Tbs extra coconut flour)
1 Tbs coconut flour
2 handfuls of desiccated coconut
6 eggs
8 – 10 dried figs
8 – 10 ripe bananas

Blend on pulse and make sure the mix draws down properly. Blend until the consistency is smooth.

Pour the mix into a greased large cake tin, mine are rectangular. Sprinkle some desiccated coconut on top and bake in 160 C oven until firm and springy in the centre and slightly brown on the edges. Makes about 16 serves. If arrowroot is replaced with coconut flour the cake will be a bit less moist, but still very yummy!

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