Liver fry and coconut vegetables

Liver fry and coconut vegetables

Benefits of liver are many, as it is higher in nutrients than a lot of other foods, as you can see here. We were lucky to have a healthy liver from our own cow, and I decided to cook some liver for lunch yesterday. This is a high nutrient and energy food, and if you are not used to a lot of meat, it is probably better to not have too much to start with! 

– cow liver
– onions or green spring onions (low fodmap)
– salt

For vegetables:
– root vegetables such as carrot, arrowroot, taro or (sweet) potato
– green beans
– brocolli
– coconut cream

Cut the liver in small pieces. Cut the onion in half rings (or the greens spring onion in pieces). Fry the onion in some coconut oil or a little water until soft. When the onion is soft, add the liver and cook while stirring regularly. I cooked the liver in the small (top) pot of the ecopot, but it can be cooked in a frying pan. Add salt to taste.

In a pot put the chopped vegetables, some coconut cream and salt to taste. Bring to a boil and put into ecopot, or simmer for around 20 minutes until vegies are soft. Once liver is browned, lower heat and put a lid on (if not cooking with an ecopot) and keep on low heat until vegetables are ready.

Serve with a nice fresh garden salad and some dressing. Enjoy your nutrient dense meal!

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