Accidental apple pie

Accidental apple pie

After raving reviews from the Permaculture Noosa meeting last night, the occasion I made the pie for, I decided to post the pie today. It is quite sweet, but you can reduce the amount of honey or coconut syrup you use to reduce its sweetness. 

In a food processor, process 3 handfuls of pecans, a handful of brazil nuts, a handful of walnuts, 3 handfuls of linseed, a handful of pepitas, and 3 handfuls of sunflower seeds. For SCD, replace seeds with hazelnuts and almonds. After processing and the mix is crumbly, add 4 handfuls of desiccated coconut and process again. Add honey, yakon syrup or coconut nectar to taste and to make the mixture just a bit moist.

Press this mix into the bottom of a greased round pie dish. Place thinly chopped apple on top (you can leave the skin on or take it off, whatever tickles your fancy…). Place into oven and bake at 160C for about 20 – 25 minutes.

Whilst the pie is baking, put a can of coconut cream, 3 handfuls of dates, 2 handfuls of sultanas, 1 tsp clove powder, 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder and 3 – 4 handfuls of macadamias. Blend until smooth and thick. Pull the pie out of the oven. Add the coconut cream mix over the top and spread it out smoothly. Place back into the oven and bake until the topping is slightly crusty. Can be decorated with nuts and / or sultanas on top (pictured are pecans). Best eaten on a plate!

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