Smoked salmon and poached eggs

Smoked salmon and poached eggs

A breakfast fit for kings! Cheaper and bigger than breakfast served in most restaurants and easy to make. Smoked salmon adds a lovely smoked and salty flavour to the poached eggs, and it all goes beautifully with the coconut and pecan loaf and homemade mayonnaise

– 4 slices of coconut pecan loaf
– 4 handfuls of baby spinach
– smoked salmon (I get Tasmanian, a small pack has 2 slices)
– 4 eggs
– homemade mayonnaise
– capsicum
– green beans
– sweet potato

In a vegetable steamer, put some thinly sliced red capsicum, 2 handfuls of green beans and sweet potato cut into small – medium pieces (omit for scd).
Bring the water to a boil and steam the vegetables. When the vegetables are almost done, crack eggs into boiling water (I have a double story vegetable steamer, so I can use the water in the bottom of the steamer). Boil the eggs in the water for around 1 – 2 minutes.
On 2 plates, divide the baby spinach and place 2 slices of coconut pecan loaves each on the side. In the middle of the spinach, place a rolled up slice of salmon. Place the eggs on top and add 2 tsp of homemade mayonnaise on top of the eggs. On one side scoop some sweet potato and on the other side put the green beans first then add the capsicum. Enjoy!

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