Slow cooked goat with cajun root vegetables

Slow cooked goat with cajun root vegetables

Goat chops can be a bit tough if they are cooked just for a short time, so I usually slow cook them for a day and a half. You can do this in a slow cooker or a thermal cooker. The thermal cooker is much more energy efficient, have a look here. I cook the goat (around one chop per person, but can be more if you like) in a little water, salt and pepper, and in this case I added some green beans into the pot as well. I cook it for a full day, then another half day the next day and have it for lunch.

For the vegetables, we cut up a pot full of root vegetables, in this case potato, sweet potato and carrot. For strict paleo replace potato with pumpkin. In the pot, add 2 cans of coconut cream (this full 7 litre pot fed around 12 hungry folk with still some left, so you may want to halve or even quarter the quantity, depending on how many you are feeding!), 1 1/2 Tbs salt (I use Himalayan rock salt or Celtic sea salt. I find Celtic sea salt is slightly saltier so use less than the rock salt) and around 2Tbs cajun spice. (Make your own cajun spice recipe, google “cajun spice recipe” and find the best one, here is an example… I am intending to experiment with a cajun spice recipe, I will post it here when I have perfected it!) Bring vegetables to a boil then simmer until all vegetables are soft (or slow cook them as well, they only need a few hours though, not 1 1/2 days as with the goat.

Pictured here with a kale based fresh garden salad with a herb dressing.

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