Coconut fish soup

Coconut fish soup

After a holiday break I am back to post some regular (as much as possible) recipes. With winter coming in Australia, I am getting into making soups again. Here is a recipe for a coconut fish soup, which I make with frozen New Zealand caught Hoki. We have just added some small silver perch in our dam as part of our aquaculture setup, so hopefully I will be able to make this soup with our own fish soon! 2 Hoki fillets (but any of your favourite white fish will do)

– Chopped vegetables (I included carrots, cauliflower and zucchini in this, but you can add your own favourites. Try not to use too many strong flavoured vegetables, as they will add a different taste to the soup)
– 1 can coconut cream
– 5 cans water (I just empty the coconut cream into the pot, then fill it up with water and put that into the pot, this way none of the coconut cream gets wasted)
– 1 – 1 1/2 Tbs salt (I use Himalayan rock salt)

Put all the ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil on high heat. Simmer for around 45 minutes on low heat or put into thermal cooker for a few hours. Serve. This soup does not need any extras (such as bread etc) as it is quite filling due to the coconut cream. Lovely on a cool evening, but yummy at any time of the day!

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