Butter chicken

Butter chicken

I love my curries! Any type of curry will do, although sometimes curries do not love me… This is a stomach friendly curry which seems to treat me well!

Cut filletted chicken leg or breast into small strips. Add some tips and halved green beans and 1 stick of butter. Add a teaspoon each of ground spices: tumeric, coriander, cardamon, cumin, ginger (and fenugreek if allowed, not for scd). This will make a mild curry, to spice it up you can add either black pepper or chilli to taste.

Put the lid on and heat on medium heat until butter is melted and bubbling and the chicken looks cooked. Lower heat or place pot into ecopot for slow cooking. The longer it is cooked, the softer the chicken!

On the picture this dish was served with boiled sweet potato instead of rice. You can also cook some cauliflower and roughly mash it to make it look like fine rice, but you can serve it with any vegetable you fancy really!


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