Baked honey fruit and nut slice

Baked honey fruit and nut slice

Nuts, dried fruit, some seeds (optional) and honey make a lovely crunchy nut slice when baked… Use your favourite nuts, seeds and dried fruit. For example, I used chia seed, pecan nuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, linseed, sunflower seeds and pepitas. Put a few handfuls of each into a food processor. Add your favourite dried fruits, I put a couple of figs, and a couple of handfuls of sultanas and goji berries into this one. Add 3 handfuls of desiccated coconut. Process this until ingredients are mixed and reasonably fine.

With the processor running, start adding some honey. Add enough to make the mix sticky and congealing. Stop the food processor and scrape the contents into a greased oven dish. Flatten the mix in the bottom of the dish so it is even. Bake at around 160C until it is brown and slightly darker brown on the sides/edges. Take out of the oven and let cool for around 15 minutes. Cut into slices whilst it is still semi warm, otherwise the slices will crumble when cut if the slice has cooled too much.

These also make great snacks for kids lunch boxes, or as a quick take along snack to anywhere….

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