Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course September 2014 at PRI Sunshine Coast

PRI accredited Certificate and Diploma

PRI accredited Certificate and Diploma

In 2015 we will start our inaugural Certificate and Diploma courses. These courses are:

The PRI Practical Permaculture Certificate


The PRI Practical Permaculture Diploma

These are targeted career courses, only for people who wish to make a career out of Permaculture. The objective of the courses are to train people to run a Permaculture Demonstration and Training site (Certificate) and to setup a Permaculture Master Plan site, be a confident consultant on other people’s properties and to be able to apply to become a PRI accredited teacher (Diploma).

The Certificate is a 12 month program. The Diploma is a 24 month program, with the Certificate program taking up the first 12 months of the Diploma. We have decided to offer these courses on a scholarship basis, as part of our return of surplus. This means there is no monetary cost for participants (food and board are included), but we do require a time commitment. These courses are not for the faint hearted! We expect total commitment for your nominated time (12 or 24 months). The days will be long and you will be learning new things every day.


These courses are meant to further educate people in running a Permaculture farm and teaching Permaculture. They are fully residential. The courses are not government approved. The working week can be 6 – 7 days per week. The courses are hands-on experiences. Research must be self guided, although advice from the teacher can be requested. At times the teacher may not be on site, however advice can always be requested by email or Skype. A close working relationship between teacher and student is encouraged.

These courses have come into being as there is an increasing demand for high quality experienced Permaculturists and Permaculture teachers. There currently is a gap between PDC graduates and experienced teachers/consultants which these courses are trying to fill. Due to the increasing demand for PRI accredited teachers, we felt it was important to create courses targeting that demand.

Besides the certificate and diploma, a written reference and assessment will also be supplied by the supervising teacher.

Applications to participate in the certificate or diploma will be through an online application made before the deadline, after which applicants will be contacted for an interview, in person or by Skype. Deadlines are:

22 May for July Intake of Certificate course

28 November for January intake of Certificate and Diploma course

If the applicant is successful, they will be expected to be fully committed for the whole year (certificate) or for the two years (diploma). An agreement is to be signed by the participant and the supervising teacher to that effect, to prevent the supervising teacher from spending a lot of time and effort on someone who will not finish the course. Only in the case of severe personal events will the participant be excused. Smaller periods of time off during the certificate and diploma can be arranged by discussion. Start dates are Mid January (Certificate and Diploma) and Mid July (Certificate only).

Participants of the certificate and diploma courses must aim to make Permaculture a career and a lifestyle. These are career courses and are aimed to supply the practical experience needed to move forward into a full time Permaculture career.

Click here for more information and application for the PRI Practical Permaculture Certificate.

Click here for more information and application for the PRI Practical Permaculture Diploma.

We also offer a Certificate in Whole Food Cooking: from Garden to Plate. This is more a general interest course, but may lead to possible employment with retreats, resorts and education facilities, or to self employment opportunities. It is also a great course for people interested in setting up a Permaculture Education site, as the kitchen and garden aspects are integral to the succesful running of people and courses on a site. Click here for more information and application for the Certificate in Whole Food Cooking: from Garden to Plate.