Whole food meals at the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast

Certificate of whole food cooking: from garden to plate

Certificate of whole food cooking: from garden to plate

12 months

All cooking subjects will be taught by Zaia Kendall, all gardening subjects will be taught by Tom Kendall, in conjunction with advanced students.

Aim: To educate the participant on how to work with freshly harvested, in season produce and to replace produce in the garden. Long term storage methods of produce is also dealt with and the cycle from seed to seedling to plant to plate. The participant will experience cooking for larger numbers of people and how to cater for different dietary needs.

Write down at least one new recipe every week, with photos for publication on blog and compile a recipe book

Course content outline:

Basic nutrition
Basic food safety and hygiene (complete an online food safety course)
Food preparation
Harvesting, storing, preserving methods
Dairy preparation, cheese, yoghurt, cream
Slow cooking
Flavours, herbs, spices, salt
Meat production, storage and use
Cakes and baking
Alternatives to grains
Different dietary requirements, Coeliac and other allergies, vegan, vegetarian
Vegan and vegetarian alternatives and protein needs
Easy and quick cooking for the greatest common denominator
Seeds and seedlings, seed saving
Planting and maintaining the garden
Composting and soil improvement
Mulching and watering
Knowing what to harvest and when
Assessing amounts of produce and needs for amount of people to be fed
Creating new recipes based on types of produce available
Coming up with alternatives for “conventional” products using available produce
Cooking for large groups with different dietary needs
Working to deadlines