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Certificate and Diploma programs now accredited by PRI

In some news today, after discussions with Geoff Lawton the Certificate and Diploma programs launched by us recently will now be PRI accredited courses. Due to this we have decided to change the names of the Certificate and Diploma to “PRI Practical Permaculture Certificate” and the “PRI Practical Permaculture Diploma”. The Certificate and Diploma will be recognised on all PRI Master Plan sites and we aim to make the curriculum available to all Master Plan sites so that eventually they can be taught around the world!

First intake will be in January 2015 at PRI Sunshine Coast.There also will be a  second intake at PRI Sunshine Coast in July 2015.. Each intake will only admit one Certificate and one Diploma student. Deadline for applications for January 2015 intakes will be 28 November 2014. Please click here to apply.


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