Looking for a committed Permaculture couple…

Looking for a committed Permaculture couple…

We were contacted by Jan Fleming from Harvest at the Packing Shed recently, referred to us by PRI Australia. She and her husband Peter are very interested in Permaculture, but they feel they need help at this stage in their lives, and are keen to partner up with preferably a Permaculture couple. Permaculture couple needed for lifestyle change

Their property is in the Currumbin Valley in the Gold Coast hinterland, Queensland. It is close to the rock pools and is in a beautiful spot. Beaches and the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast is not too far away, but where they are is pure country. They grow an enormous amount of food in a covered growing area and have a little market in their Packing Shed every weekend, where they sell their own produce as well as produce from local suppliers. They sell purified bore water coming from their own bore and also have people growing their own produce in their growing space, which they can pick when they want.

photo 5They have been working 7 days a week for many years now, and would like to step back a bit. They have 4 separate housing options on the property, a couple of them are currently rented out. They would like to keep living on their property and have another couple there to help them look after the place and possibly turn it into a training centre of sorts, running PDCs and gardening courses. We are hereby helping them find some Permaculture folks who are keen to make this work for them. It is essential that interested parties have a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate).

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We would love to help this wonderful and knowledgeable couple in their pursuit of active retirement on their own property. If you are interested in leading an active Permaculture lifestyle, organising and teaching gardening and permaculture courses onsite and working on weekends to keep the local market going, please contact Zaia at  info@diyfoodandhealth.com for more information.

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