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There are no problems, only solutions

There are no problems, only solutions

In this age of terror attacks, it is easy to forget to focus on solutions and to be caught up in spending all your time and energy on fear, anger, aggression, rage and judgment, just to name a few. What we tend to forget is that the actions of a few should not determine to state of mind of the many!

The world seems like a sinking ship, with new holes being blown into it every day. Wars, famines, natural disasters, terror attacks and other negative forces are trying to sink this ship. The only way we can keep it afloat is by uniting together, having faith in our humanity, our goodness, our compassion, and to still be able to find joy in the little things. This of course is hard, especially in the face of so much suffering and violence. But now is the time to stand together and say NO to all the terrible things happening around the world, and instead work together on creating solutions for the multitude of problems we face.

No matter what religion, philosophy, beliefs, skin colour, sex, sexual preference or other differences we have, we all have one thing in common: we are human beings. Isn’t it time to behave humanely? Isn’t it time to care for each other, help each other and work together to ensure the survival of our species? Part of being a human is having a larger brain than most other mammals, isn’t it time we start using that brain?

It concerns me greatly that all people are focusing on all over the world are negative feelings like fear, anger and hatred. If that is what we focus on, that is what we will experience! We need to stand united together against whatever nasty stuff comes our way, because that is the only way we will be strong enough to face whatever life throws at us! We need our community, our family, our neighbours and our friends, and right now we are in the perfect position to create a global community, to be united globally and not buy into the actions of a few disruptive forces. We need to be strong and solutions focused now, in order to be resilient in the future and to be able to create a better planet for all of us.

The solutions are simple: we need to go back to a simpler life, a life of nature and community, living to live instead of living to work or working to live. We need to stand together in love, peace, forgiveness and humanity. We must work together towards a truly sustainable future not based on economy, money and profits. And, no matter how loud these disruptive forces get, close your ears and mind to them as they do not promote solutions, only problems. If we can set the intention globally to move forward in this direction, I believe miracles can happen!

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