New community hub at Maungaraeeda, PRI Sunshine Coast

Our new community hub at Maungaraeeda

Our new community hub at Maungaraeeda

We have finally been able to make the move… The new house on our property is not yet finished, but we have already moved out of our old home and made it into our new community centre, or the HUB. The old house is in the centre of the property and it made sense to make it the communal space as it is in a more accessible and centrally located area. It housed the office anyway, and a lot of things are done around the house, like cream separating, milk processing, notebooks kept on eggs and dairy production and a number of other jobs.

Communal kitchen at Maungaraeeda
The kitchen in the new community hub at Maungaraeeda

So now the building still has the office but also has the communal kitchen, two dining areas, a place for fermentation, a separate sitting room which houses the library and a tv, and an outdoor sitting area on the verandah overlooking the swimming pond. We hope that this move will provide a lot more comfort for our long term students and volunteers! We will also be running cooking classes in this space.

Rocket stoves in the communal kitchen
The rocket stoves in the new communal kitchen at the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast

Outside our volunteer Steve is doing a fantastic job making a number of rocket stoves. We will have two rocket stoves and one rocket oven outside the kitchen. The kitchen flows over onto the back verandah, with our gas stove, a prep bench and the rocket stoves. The cream separator is also there, as are the pantries, root cellar and freezers/fridge.

Our old student space will be a chill-out zone for long term students, and will function as the teaching space as well during PDCs and for any other theoretical teaching. A chill space for long term students was found increasingly important so that they can have their quiet time, even if others would like to socialise as this can now happen inside the hub. Very exciting move forward, now all Tom and I need to do is get our adobe floor finished in our house as we are currently “glamping” in our camper trailer…

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