Communal kitchen at Maungaraeeda

Sunday 14 February 2016

Sunday 14 February 2016

In going back to simple living, there are so many things to share. Tom and I decided we would each post a short blog post, hopefully on a daily basis, just talking about our day to day jobs, discoveries, problems and solutions. I hope you will join us on this path, and that some of our discoveries will help ease your own journey! 

Today is my computer day, so I am sitting here getting our website set up so we can add daily posts each. I played a gig last night on the Gold Coast and we only got home late, so energy is a bit low today… But as usual we were awake early again, although we did have a little sleep in. We got up at 5.45am this morning. After having 2 large cups of water and some fruit, I made food for the goats and chickens and fed them. As it is the weekend it is only a light day today, hence I have the time to sit behind the computer and get our blogs set up.

After feeding the goats and chickens I got cranky with the cat who was cranky with me, so I had to feed her. Then I fed Tom, Marlon and myself and had to take Marlon to work. The cows are in the front paddock at the moment, so we have to open and close 2 electric fences going out or in. When I got back I had to do a bit more in the kitchen; putting seeds and beans in the sprouter for sprouting, soaking rice (we still have some here, once this rice is finished there will be no more until we grow our own, if we will at all) and cooking lunch. That is my day so far, and sitting in front of the computer…

Finished the web site so far, a lot later than wished for. As it is Valentine’s day, I decided to make some chocolate buckwheat muffins. We have no money to go out for Valentine’s day, but I appeciated the simple pleasure of surprising my men with chocolate muffins and a lovely pot of earl grey tea (for special occasions). It occurred to me that I appreciate this so much more, because it is such a rarity for us to be able to do this together. I feel very blessed that we are still able to do this despite our financial situation.

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  1. Your kitchen looks like there is space (to move).

    1. Yes, it is fantastic now, first time I have had a big kitchen! It comes in three parts, the kitchen you see on the photograph, which has the biogas burners, sink, prep and serve benches, off that area is another room which has a fridge and several tables for my fermentations and preserves. Then outside under cover are the rocket stoves and a conventional gas oven/stove (we only use the oven now, as we only cook on biogas and rocket stove), another fridge and three old fridges which function as root cellar and pantries. There is also a prep bench which has the dehydrator on it and wood storage for the rocket stoves. So quite an elaborate kitchen it is indeed, and a pleasure to work in!

      1. Absolutely fantastic!! I wish I had more space, especially for storing preserved food 🙂

      2. Old fridges are great for storage space if you have a verandah or space under the house, even in a shed!

      3. None of those at present but I will bear the idea in mind – thank you!

    2. Yes, it is fantastic having a large kitchen! The kitchen consist of three parts. What you see in the photo is the main kitchen, which has a prep bench and serving table, a woodstove, a biogas burner and a sink. Off that space is a room which houses the main fridge and several tables where I do sprouting, soaking and fermenting. Then outside on the verandah (under cover) is another prep bench, a conventional oven and stove (we mainly use the oven until we have the rocket stove oven ready), 4 rocket stoves which we mainly use to cook on, another fridge (mainly for milk storage) and three other fridges which function as a root cellar and pantries. There is also wood storage there for the rocket stoves. It seems to work really well this way and I am thoroughly enjoying being in the kitchen!

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