Angus, our billy goat at Maungaraeeda

Sunday February 14 2016 part 2

Sunday February 14 2016 part 2

So as I am plugging away on the computer I hear this bleating close by. Our goats are located a way away from the house, at the dam wall, so this bleating is way too close! The bleating is this pathetic, childish little bleat, which I recognised as our billy goat, Angus. You’d think he would have a nice, deep and strong manly bleat, but no. He was kind enough to announce to us that he had gotten out of his paddock, and was making his way under the house to look for whatever it is that billy goats look for in the absence of available female goats… I went under the house to get him, and he seemed happy that I found him, and trotted happily back to his paddock with me. We were unsure how he got out, until I stepped in one of his deposits in the feed shed whilst making their dinner…

Angus Noble, our billy goat
Angus Noble, Maungaraeeda’s crazy billy goat

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