Foraging chickens at Maungaraeeda, home of Tom Kendall and the PRI Sunshine Coast

The art of placement, Tuesday

The art of placement, Tuesday

It occurred to me this morning how vital placement is in any working system. I spent ages looking for something that I use on a daily basis, only to find it had been placed close to its original spot, but not actually in the spot I usually put it. Time was wasted, which makes things inefficient.

To have a successfully working system, all items need to have their place. Items that get used need to be returned to that place, so that other elements in the system can use the item and know where to find it. If items are not returned to their place, the system breaks down and the environment becomes extremely inefficient.

The same goes for routines. Routines are efficient precisely because they are routines and done time and time again. Every element involved in the routine knows what the routine involves, so as long as the routine is not changed it is an extremely efficient tool to improve productivity in a system. If a routine changes constantly, the productivity suffers.

Both routines and placement need to be well thought out, and by being an element in a system we will discover the most efficient routine and placement for and in a system.

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