Butter making and our next PDC

First of all, thank you for all the encouraging and wonderful messages we have gotten from our past students and volunteers! To be honest, we were quite disillusioned when we decided to pull back a bit earlier this year. People’s support for us has re-instated our faith, and we feel encouraged to run another PDC course. For now, we will no longer have volunteers or long term and practical students on the property, but we feel (and have received the feedback) that we run a great PDC, and after receiving a number of requests, we will run a PDC in September this year. This will include a cooking class as well on the middle Sunday. Until that time though, we will continue growing food and living as frugally as possible.

This morning I made some butter again. The raw cream from our cows had been sitting out for around 48 hours, and I shook the 2 litre jar (with around 1 litre of cream) for around 10 minutes. The cream began to turn to butter and buttermilk. I poured off the buttermilk for use in this week’s cheese cake (!) and washed the butter in cold water to remove the remainder of the buttermilk. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can build up a bit of a butter store, but it is so good, that it usually gets eaten pretty quick!

Another hot day today, thunder is rumbling in the distance! The cat didn’t mind, she was happily asleep during the day after a big night of hunting (and catching!) rats.

Kitty Kat, our rat catching puss
Our working pussycat, in after work mode

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