Earthen floor

Earthen floor

After quite a break I am back onto getting the earthen floor completed.     We needed to stop to facilitate a PDC, the two week Permaculture Design Certificate course and then because it had rained there was a lot of catching up to do on planting and grass cutting and the list went on. You may have seen some of the updates and photos.                                 


After the last layer of floor went on there were a few cracks opened up. Most of them could have been left as a featured look however there were two long ones that had come up from deeper layers and didn’t look good enough to leave.  Also there were a few uneven high and low spots . So I decided to have a go at making it more presentable, always a bit of a concern because sometimes you should leave well alone as the  end result could be worse! First up I used a screed to wear down the high spots , swept offthe loose material and then started the repair. This involved adding water then a small amount of the scraping made into mud and troweled the section smooth. I’m actually quite pleased with the result so far. Once its dry,  which will take a couple of days hopefully there will be no cracks and then it will be ready to seal with linseed oil. Looking forward to that process!

I will be a bit stiff tomorrow, it took over four hours to complete. I’m glad I made the effort though, I don’t want to have to live with something because I didn’t try!

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