Thursday 18 February 2016, making potting mix and more

Thursday 18 February 2016, making potting mix and more

Potting mix in the nursery at Maungaraeeda
Recycled potting mix for the nursery

We have been cleaning up the nursery over the past couple of weeks, bit by bit when we can. A number of pots had dead plants in them, so I emptied them out, broke up any clumps and mixed it all up. Earthworms were still in there, so the soil was still healthy! I then added some sand and fine gravel and mixed it all together. Ready for the next few weeks of seed planting!

Bean seedlings planted against a trellice at Maungaraeeda
Bean seedlings, planted against a trellice

We also needed to plant out some bean seedlings, but they had to be against a trellice. All trellices were taken, but we could fit some together with some cherry tomatoes and another trellice had a lot of chinese greens growing at the bottom, so they were pulled up. Some went to the kitchen for lunch, the rest was transplanted.

Chinese greens on the Maungaraeeda rocket stove
Chinese greens for lunch on the rocket stove

On my way through the garden later today I came across our current garden resident: mister Python. He is a beautiful snake, very tame, Tom even patted him a few days ago! Lovely he is there, he will keep the rats and mice in the garden down. He must be a bit hot, he barely moved when I went past him, it was another very hot and humid day here!

Our resident python in the garden at Maungaraeeda
Garden resident mr. Python

I better go, I still need to gather some forage for the goats and feed them, before I am going to have a cold shower!

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  1. Enjoying both of your posts this week Zaia & Tom. It’s nice to have a listen to your music too Zaia…when I get an email and see your latest post, I also press play on your album ‘Breaking Barriers’ = relaxing & inspiring 🙂

    1. Thanks Francesca, it is always nice to get great feedback! Especially on my music as well, as that is such a personal thing and you never know whether people will enjoy it! Great to hear the album is being enjoyed!

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