Forage for the chickens at Maungaraeeda

Foraging, Friday 19 February

Foraging, Friday 19 February

Another hot and steamy day! The cat claimed her spot for the day…

The cat owns the place at Maungaraeeda, Permaculture Sunshine Coast
The cat owns the place!

We have to get bug poo today, which we get from a bug breeder close by. As we have to go out anyway, we decided to take our last practical student out for a bit. So I have made chicken soup, fresh sourdough bread and bunya nut, date and apple muffins. With homemade butter, yumm!

Forage for the chickens at Maungaraeeda
Forage for the chickens

As we are going early, we have to get the animals in early and feed them. I collected the chicken forage for tomorrow morning today, as tomorrow is weekend and our chill day. When we collect the forage we tidy up somewhere at the same time, cutting the grass with a rice knife. This was my tidy up today, still a fair bit to go. I reckon I can get another 2 or 3 wheelbarrow loads from that section:

Forage tidy up at Maungaraeeda
Tidied up spot and a wheelbarrow of forage!

I also made ghee today, as this is a healthy fat that we can make ourselves (that and dripping). I made butter again and froze that, so we can build up a store of butter. That way we can make icecream again one day, when we don’t need the cream for butter! The ghee is quick and easy to make, you just need a good amount of butter.

Ghee home made at Maungaraeeda
My home made ghee

Looking forward to going to “town” today for a little while. We are taking all our food and drink, so won’t spend any money! Picnic by the river sounds fab! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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