Wall Footings

The house is an extended operation in progress. We have been living in a “queenslander” that is often too hot and can get too cold. I talk about passive solar housing often especially during a PDC. Enough of the frustration of being not as comfortable or content when I could be, so time already to do something about it. That means progress required on the passive solar dwelling that has been on the go for more than several years. IMG_1201

The building is of “post and beam” construction and that makes it possible to infill the walls with various styles of materials. We were given several pallets of mud bricks that were excess to someones needs so these are going to be a great functional addition to the dwelling especially in the non sun facing walls.IMG_1216

These footings will also make it possible to start the next stage of the earthen floor, but perhaps I should finish the first stage first. Hopefully this week!!

Adios Tom

©2016 Tom Kendall;, incorporating Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast, simplicity, permaculture, self reliance and homesteading, wall footing in natural building.

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    • Hi Helen, The building was built for a bus to shelter in and now the bus is elsewhere. The roof is still on, this is the versatility of a post and beam building. It really suits natural building as your earthen wall etc are out of the weather. Tom


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