Cream Separating

Cream Separating

Monday and Thursdays are “cream” days. The days that we separate the cream from the milk. We accumulate the milk from the cows  for several days then separate out the cream. We are hand milking two cows at the moment. It takes a bit of time and definitely dedication to milk the cows daily and also to do the separating. However this is the bit that makes it so worthwhile for me. The cream is pretty special! It really makes that cup of cocoa the best at the end of the day. And then the butter on Zaias sourdough bread. OH Yeaah IMG_1223[1]

Zaia then makes cheese with the skim milk and then the rest that isn’t used I give to the chooks in a container which they get right into. If they don’t eat/drink it straight away it curdles and then they eat it. Its all gone pretty quick.

We really like the separator too. It is about sixty years old, an Alfa Laval. Makes a few funny worrying noises at times but certainly does the job.

Lookum you  Tom

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