Moving to eating only homegrown

I am sitting here writing this blog and a bit pleased. I realised that today we will eat close to 100% homegrown food! Homemade cheese from our cows’ milk; capsicum, tomatoes, chillies, cassava, banana and potato from our garden, and veal. I had to add some bought eggplant for breakfast, which consisted of fried cheese with an eggplant, tomato and capsicum stir fry, with homemade (and homegrown!) tomato, tamarillo and chilli sauce and yoghurt. A little honey (not homegrown — yet!) was added to morning tea which was cheese cake made with homemade cheese, buttermilk and banana on a banana flour crust. But the rest of the day the food was purely homegrown! Lunch was cassava with homemade chilli sauce and roast veal, with a mango lassi (frozen mango from last year and homemade yoghurt) and dinner is beef soup with potato.

Our 100% homegrown lunch at Maungaraeeda
100% homegrown meal!

It gives me so much satisfaction to be able to eat homegrown produce! It tastes so much better, the cassava had only been out of the ground for around 1.5 hours before we ate it!

Being Monday again, it was another full on day in the kitchen, I made another chilli sauce, yoghurt, cultured cheese and sour dough, another kombucha, bottled rejuvelac and made breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also planted some heirloom pumpkin seed (even though we have more pumpkin than we can handle at the moment, but it will be nice to have some more different varieties) and some silverbeet in punnets in the nursery. Harvest was also nice today, lots of beans (snake and green), 2 pineapples, 6 cucumbers, and eggplant, tomatoes, tamarillos and cassava. I forgot to take a photo of our harvest, will remember next time!

Did burn my toe on a glowing ember from the rocket stove, the hazards of cooking on rocket stoves!

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