Mucking out the chook pens

Fresh nesting boxes and flooring for the chooks af Maungaraeeda
Freshly made beds for the chickens!

Today it was time for us to muck out the chicken pens so that the chickens would have nice fresh bedding and fresh straw in their nesting boxes. Tom and I shoveled out the old saw dust and poop, scraped the poop from perches and nesting boxes and put fresh saw dust on the floor. We emptied out the nesting boxes (4 chooks were laying eggs when we started, they were pretty indignant that we dared disturb their laying time!) and put in lots of fresh straw, making little hollows for them in the straw so they could comfortably lay their eggs. We shall see tomorrow how happy they are with their clean dwelling!

Transplanted eggplant and zucchini seedlings at Maunagareeda
The transplanted eggplant and zucchini seedlings

We also planted more beans today, and we transplanted some eggplant and zucchini to bigger pots. I made more butter today as well, but it is hard to build up a store as we love our butter so much! I also made unsalted cheese for making cheesecake on Friday. We supplied our local Kin Kin store with a bunch of bananas they were really happy with! We also have enough eggs to supply to friends which is great!

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