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A visit, goats, chickens, eggs and yoghurt cheese

We had a lovely visit from Howard Story from Wwoof Asia and the Permaculture Institute Asia. It was nice to connect, we had some tea and later on a vegetarian lunch together, as Howard’s friend Dan was vegetarian. Homegrown pumpkin and choko stirfry, with buckwheat and pumpkin savoury muffins, rice and homegrown cucumber. Both Howard and Dan had a go at cream separating and Tom took them for a tour through the garden, it was a nice day.

The goats are let out into their paddock at Maungaraeeda

Letting the goats into their paddock

We were a bit late letting the goats out into their paddock due to the visit, and the chickens were late getting out as well. Angus, our billy goat, was keen to get into the chook yard when I opened their door (he can squeeze through their opening…), he is always on the lookout to scavenge more food from somewhere (even though he has plenty where he is…). So I had to take him by the collar to take him up to the main goat area, where I let them all out into the paddock.

The chickens are getting into their forage at Maungaraeeda

The chooks getting into their forage

I make the goats a container full of forage each in the afternoon, and today there was quite a bit of left overs (I had picked too much, maybe on purpose 😉 ) So the bits left over I gave to the chickens, who enjoyed getting into it.

I am attempting to make yoghurt cheese, I scooped out the curd today and currently it is draining the whey. I am experimenting a bit here, I will let you know how I go with it! I prepared 2 sourdough loaves and one sourdough fruit loaf, which will be fermenting until tomorrow night when it will get baked.

I also sold some of my ladies’ eggs today!

Chicken eggs from Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast

A dozen eggs from my girls…

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