This morning as usual I had a plan to do quite a few tasks however sometimes what you want and what you get don’t always end up the same. It even took 4 matches to light the rocket stove so out the window went my “one match challenge” that I urge on myself and all others. It only takes one match to light a fire so make it the first one!

However the day got better.

We had a visit today from a peer and so after a great conversation we did a tour of our place and literally bumped into OLIVES! This is the first olives on our trees and I had given up on expecting any so I’m a very happy chappy.In my previous post on the food forest chop and drop I mentioned on a noticeable improvement and surely  this is showing through into production.


And then as we went past the pond my young planting of acerola cherries  had young fruits! IMG_1246[1]

Then  I thought “the Jaboticaba tree” better go check it out. Cool, tomorrows pre-breakfast fruit will be supplied by Tom!IMG_1247[1]

It is so gratifying to see yield as your systems develop!

saluu Tom

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