Garden Bed Revamp

Garden Bed Revamp

If we wish to increase production we need to recognize where a system may not be as functional as it could be. We have an area of the garden that has been keyhole style design that is on slope and I have noticed that the upper part  doesn’t get used so well. Its possibly  for the fact that the effort required to step up those few steps is enough to put you off from getting there. There is also the fact that it is much better design to have as much of your garden bed design on contour. IMG_1254[1]

So over the last several days I have been giving the area a makeover. The logs are to give a small terrace effect. this will help with keeping the edge of the bed in place and will help with drainage during those wetter times. Look at the dappled shade. That’s created from a  Tamarillo tree, a great plant to have in the garden. It self forms into an umbrella shape AND produces fruits. The one further along expired  and needs to be replaced. I am about half way done on this section and then will need to work the top part.It will probably have a more perennial focus whilst the lower will be more annuals.  IMG_1255[1]Well, the sealing of the earthen floor has been progressing well. We applied four coats over the last four days and it is looking pretty good. Its a lot darker than I wished for however maybe it will lighten up over the next few days. I want to apply a beeswax paste next. Apparently it will have quite an effect. Maybe will make the surface a bit smoother as it is a bit sandpapery at the moment and a bit of shine would be nice.IMG_1253[1]Ok, its been a pretty good week. Its the end of a Practical Course, which has kept us busy focusing on many different areas. However I don’t think things will change much. I always seem to be chipping away at lots of different projects at once.

Bye for now, Tom

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