Permaculture on thnshine Coast, permaculture Yoghurt cheese making

Pig farm weekend and yoghurt cheese result

Pig farm weekend and yoghurt cheese result

We had a lovely weekend last weekend. We spent Saturday not doing much of anything at all, and Sunday we had our daughter and her family over in the morning, after which we went out and did open days at 2 properties. We ended up at Phil Stringer’s property which was fascinating, we did a tour of his pig farm which was fantastic! He is doing absolutely amazing things on his property. I am very keen on getting a few pigs for more diversity on the property, we will see how it goes. His breed of pigs are Tamworth, they seem really great to deal with.

Tamworth pig, open day permaculture farm tour
Tamworth piglet at Phil Stringer’s farm

This morning we tried some of my yoghurt cheese I started making last week. It turned into two cheeses, one made from the cream that came to the top and was moldy and strong. The other was the yoghurt, the cheese was soft and mild. It worked well, I will keep experimenting and see whether I can age it more, although that is hard since it gets eaten so quickly… 😉

Permaculture on the Sunshine Coast, permaculture Yoghurt cheese making
Yoghurt cheese, the big one is mild, the small one really strong!

Tonight we are heading to Maleny, I am playing with the Unusual Suspects for the last night of the Upfront Club, a co-op cafe/restaurant which is closing down. A shame, as it is an icon, but we will give it a decent send off!

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  1. Pigs are such lovely animals – I’d have one as a pet if I was allowed one on my property (and has the space)!

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