Shoveling cow manure from the biodigester at Maungaraeeda, permaculture on the Sunshine Coast

Marital bonding whilst shoveling shit…

Marital bonding whilst shoveling shit…

Today Tom and I needed to get a couple of essential jobs done. The first was cleaning the two chook pens that we hadn’t cleaned last week. Now all the cook pens are cleaned out and we can get a schedule in place so we only need to do one every week.

We then had to empty the first bay of our biodigester manure process, so that we can fill that bay tomorrow with the manure in the overflow tank at the moment. The tank needs to be emptied every 10 days. So Tom and I shoveled cow poop mixed with saw dust from one place to the next (see pic below). A nice bit of marital bonding, I would recommend all couples shovel shit together!

Shoveling cow manure from the biodigester at Maungaraeeda, permaculture on the Sunshine Coast
We shoveled the pile on the right from the bay on the left (front). The bay on the left will be filled up with more sloppy stuff tomorrow!


Harvesting at Maungaraeeda, loofahs and pumpkin on the Sunshine Coast
Loofahs and pumpkin harvested at Maungaraeeda.

After the shit shoveling, we did some harvesting in the chicken forage pens, food forest area and staple carb area. We got some pumpkins, a whole heap of loofa, a few cherry tomatoes and an enormous amount of macadamias. The macadamias came mainly from one tree, tomorrow we will check the other trees. Now we have to peel them when they split open, then crack them open with a nut cracker once the nut starts to rattle inside the shell. Looking forward to some macadamias soon!

Macadamias and pumpkin harvest, permaculture farm Sunshine Coast
Macadamias and pumpkin harvested on our permaculture farm.

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  1. Love your daily posts! Congratulations! They are very informative and short enough to read each day, well done to you both. 👍🏻😊

    Pauline Chant


    1. Thanks so much Pauline, we are glad the posts are enjoyed! We really enjoy putting them up, it wraps up our day nicely…

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