Tom Kendall picking olives at Maungareeda.

Olive Picking.

Olive Picking.

Finding olives on the olive trees for the first time last week meant that this weeks task is to pick olives!  And pretty quickly we worked out that the next task looming is to prune the olive trees before next olive harvest! Because they haven’t borne fruits before there wasn’t an urgency to do so. We didn’t get so many but that fact didn’t stop us from enjoying the task and moment of “gaining a Yield”.

Tom Kendall picking olives at Maungareeda.
Me up the olive tree.

My approach to achieving movement forward on the property is to try to get  bit done on several projects each day. Today as well as picking the olives I did some more “chop and drop”.

Tom Kendall practices "chop and drop" at Maungareeda.
A section of the food forest after applying “chop and drop”

Taking photos of Food Forests is not easy. Maybe you can see the amount of material on the ground. This is the best amount yet and that makes sense of the fact that the food forest concept is to build soil carbon by growing the carbon and then getting onto the ground where it can decompose and cycle back into the soil. This section of the food forest is only about two years old. The fruit trees are still small but will now get the benefit of all this nutrient assisting in their growth.

Another productive day.


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