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Day 2 of my milking efforts…

Tom is heading off to Jordan to teach a PDC! Great experience for both of us! For him to see permaculture in a desert environment, and to check out the dead sea and Petra (jealous!!) For me because I will be running the farm by myself (scary!!) So I have started to try my hand at milking the cows, as I will need to do it when Tom is not here. He has done it in the past and does it now, I have tried here and there but nothing concrete. Day one (yesterday) was an abysmal failure, I hardly got anything out. That which did come out I failed to spray in the bucket 9 out of 10 times, then the cow Anna, kicked the bucket over and I lost half of the small amount in the bucket…

Anna the milking cow at Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast

Anna having a giggle at my expense I’m sure!

Today I went a little better, my aim was better and I got more into the bucket. Hands got sore pretty quick though! I will get there, a few more weeks to keep practising before Tom needs to leave… Anna (the cow) puts up with my clumsiness, but has a bit of a chuckle at my expense I am sure…

Anna the milking cow on our Australian permaculture farm

Here she is sticking her tongue out at me!

Anna our milking cow smiles for the camera, permaculture Sunshine Coast

Photogenic she is! Here she is smiling for the camera!

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