The potato bed at Maungareeda.

Potatoes and more “chop and drop”

Potatoes and more “chop and drop”

The small  box of potatoes that have been sitting around got sorted today. A garden bed that has been sitting empty was the solution. The bed was given a quick loosen up and then a barrow load of compost was applied. Added the potatoes , put on a barrow load of mulch and then stuck in a marker with POTATOES  written on it and now hopefully Zaia won’t plant something else in there.

The potato bed at Maungareeda.
Toms newly made potato bed.


I got back into the chop and drop process again. Tried to take better photos. This section is not as old as before and so it is a bit slower to work. There is more grass that needs to be removed. I’m not certain if the grass is because of the age and stage of the support species growth or if the management of the grasses was less due to the fact that I haven’t been involved with this area as much as earlier areas. The last two years I left the management to volunteers and students. Experience and a closer connection to the property definitely creates a more applied approach. We have learn’t to “see”  pending problems and know that  earlier attention gains a more efficient result. As my mother would say ” A stich in time saves nine”.

A section of Food Forest at Maungareeda.
A Food Forest in full expression.

Not quite the same position of shot but a before and after.Really love the feeling of dropping so much biomass.

A two year old Food Forest after chop and drop at Maungareeda.
After the “chop and drop” process.

In Vanuatu there is a problem with locals slashing and burning which is causing fertility loss. Maybe to replace the “cleared ” look effect that they would feel after clearing can be replaced with the look and then “feel” of “chop and drop”.  I know that I get it.

Bye for today and another week,  Tom

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