Note to self…

Biiiig note to self: if the weather is pleasant and dry in the morning, go out to the garden/nursery/outside and do the planting. Don’t do the kitchen stuff first, even though it was lots of fun doing the kombucha (yay, our first batch is ready!), the yoghurt, the cheese, the vinegar, the olives and everything else fermenting, cooking, soaking in the kitchen… But once I finished doing all that, it started to rain…

So then I thought I would do some computer work, as that needed to be done, and wait for the rain to finish. The rain got heavier and heavier. Then suddenly it stopped. “Now is the time”, I thought and went to the nursery to plant some seeds into punnets (Monday seed planting day). I had only just gotten the potting mix out and it began to pour down rain again! So I got wet, but I go my seeds in. I just hope the potting mix didn’t get too wet, but at least I didn’t need to water them in! As I was wet anyway I thought I would get the goat forage after I did the seeds as well. Gotta love that feeling of sloshing around inside your gumboots and your clothes sticking cold and wet against your skin… The garden loved the rain as the photos show! And I very much appreciated our hot shower tonight.

Permaculture garden at Maungaraeeda, Noosa Hinterland, Sunshine Coast
Our thriving permaculture garden
Madagascar bean bush at Maungaraeeda
Our madagascar bean bush in the garden


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